⚔️ Osborne: Your Command Honored ⚔️


Healing The Sick

Your Command Honored

Now we have God’s nature – His life, His strength, His health, His glory, His power.

We have it now.

What a revolution would take place if Christians believed those things and began to talk like that, live like that, and act like that.  Yet that is exactly what the heart of God our heavenly Father yearns for.

See yourself as a believer in a sick room where sickness had almost seized the life of a loved one: You are bold.  You are a master, and you know it.  You boldly confess: Continue reading “⚔️ Osborne: Your Command Honored ⚔️”

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🥳 He Will Be Back….🥳

Acts 1:11
They told the startled disciples, “Galileans, why are you staring up into the sky? Jesus has been taken from you into heaven, but he will come back the same way that you saw him ascend.”

Jesus was taken away from us, but he’s gonna come back. I imagine that they were expecting him to come back in a couple of weeks or a month or so… But at some point, I can imagine them yielding their emotions of missing him, his smile, his friendly voice, and so many attributes the Jesus bless them with, yielding these emotions into a relationship with the Holy Spirit.

  1. It had to be new to them, and super exciting. and now I believe that is even more exciting to our Lords disciples here in this day and time, because I believe that Jesus is soon to return. oh what a wonderful and glorious day this is going to be.

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🗝 Keys Of Authority 🗝

Matthew Henry: Authority and The Keys

It is the power of the keys that is given, alluding to the custom of investing men with authority in such a place, by delivering to them the keys of the place. Or as the master of the house gives the keys to the steward, the keys of the stores where the provisions are kept, that he may give to every one in the house his portion of meat in due season (Luk_12:42), and deny it as there is occasion, according to the rules of the family. Ministers are stewards, 1Co_4:1; Tit_1:7. Eliakim, who had the key of the house of David, was over the household, Isa_22:22.

3. It is a power to bind and loose, that is (following the metaphor of the keys), to shut and open. Joseph, who was lord of Pharaoh’s house, and steward of the stores, had power to bind his princes, and to teach his senators wisdom, Psa_105:21, Psa_105:22. When the stores and treasures of the house are shut up from any, they are bound, interdico tibi aquâ et igne – I forbid thee the use of fire and water; when they are opened to them again, they are loosed from that bond, are discharged from the censure, and restored to their liberty.

4. It is a power which Christ has promised to own the due administration of; he will ratify the sentences of his stewards with his own approbation; It shall be bound in heaven, and loosed in heaven: not that Christ hath hereby obliged himself to confirm all church-censures, right or wrong; but such as are duly passed according to the word, clave non errante – the key turning the right way, such are sealed in heaven; that is, the word of the gospel, in the mouth of faithful ministers, is to be looked upon, not as the word of man, but as the word of God, and to be received accordingly, 1Th_2:13; Joh_12:20.

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😁 Awakened Spirit

Smith Wigglesworth
We must live by our born again spirit, an awakened spirit ruled by the Holy Spirit, and not by our mind and emotions. But how do we do this?

As spiritual hunger grows, causing us to earnestly seek God in the Word and in prayer, our spirits break the shackles of the flesh and of the soul (the mind and emotions).

We begin to live with an awakened spirit that lays hold on all the “exceeding great and
precious promises” (2 Peter 1:4) of God. That, in turn, brings us into the realization of the power and authority that we actually have in Him. We begin to live on high!

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If You’ve Never Spoken in Tongues…

George Mueller says:
Never speak until…

I was then asked by the sister who had been baptized, “But have you been baptized?” (She meant ‘in the Spirit’)

I answered, “Yes, when I was a child.”

She then replied, “Have you ever read the Scriptures, and prayed with reference to this subject?”

I answered, “No.”

“Then,” she said, “I entreat you, never to speak any more about it till you have done so.”

It pleased the Lord to show me the importance of this remark…

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Hearing God at Work

Hearing God at Work

The Young Man on the Riding Lawnmower.

Yesterday while sitting at my desk, I heard a man yelling obscenities at someone. My view was obscured by a trailer, so all I saw was a man riding on a lawn mower coming my way after the yelling was over.

I recognized the young man as he was passing in front of the office and went out to ask him what the problem was that had him in such an uproar. He told me that one of our tenants just about ran over him with his truck. As he was telling me the whole thing and just a cussing up a storm, at the same time, the tenant could be heard in the back ground shouting obscenities back at the man on the lawn mower as he talked to me.

Continue reading “Hearing God at Work”

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God given Interpretations

When the Lord gives you an interpretation of a dream, you’ll be spoiled forever. There will be no more ‘look it up in a book’, nor will you need to ask anyone else to interpret the dream for you,

Early in my walk with the Lord, I would begin seeking a meaning for the dream in books. I searched by googling and looking things up in a dream dictionary, but once ty he Holy Spirit interpreted it for me, I found such excitement that I quit searching books. The actual meaning of the dream fit my circumstances and showed me truth.

When the Holy Spirit interprets your dream for you to YOU, you own it and no one can take that away. It’s special between you and the Lord. Ask Him for the right understanding.

And don’t be in such a hurry to get an answer. He knows when you need the answer. He usually answers my dreams within about two days, but then, I’ve Also had several years in between a dream and the Holy Spirit’s intpretation. We have to trust Him.


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Few Are Chosen

Matthew 22:14

Many are called, few are chosen…

That lady got up in my face big-time. She proceeded to tell me that I thought too much of myself, and that everyone had the same level of authority and the same call and the same commission as anybody else.

I tried to tell her that everybody has the equal opportunity, but not every body exercises their opportunity.

God is the Captain of the Army of hosts. He is perfect in his strategies, and he is a perfect father who loves everyone of his children. But … He is not going to send a stubborn headed, prideful, and disobedient Christian to lead a spiritual warfare group.

And in all that, who is it that yells the loudest? Who is it that throws a fit and yells that we’re all equal in the Lords eyes? Well, if they’re throwing a fit and yelling about it, chances are they are someone who hasn’t yielded to the Lord enough to be used by the Lord.

If you desire to be an apple of His eye, your going to have to spend face time with Him.

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