Spiritual Warfare. God is faithful

I have a sad story to share, but because it honors God and His efforts to unify His children, I am going to share and ask you to celebrate our Lord’s faithfulness.

I belonged to a small house group church. All adults were committed to answering the Lord’s call on their lives, and we knelt before Him in prayer to make this commitment. Things were exciting at first, but in time, since no great out pouring happened, some became restless and were being pulled towards personal agenda.

One of the early decisions we all agreed on was that we understood that God would confirm His word. So every decision we made was based on agreement and confirmation. I could not tell you then how young we were in the Lord, but as I look back now, I can tell you that even though some of us had been saved for many years- we were just babies. We were no where near being ready to handle an outpouring of His Holy Spirit.

In time, we all began to hear different things from the Lord. One said the Lord was saying “go south.’  Another said, ‘No, got to go West.’  Some said, ‘stay and wait.’ It became a mess.

Then the accusations begin to arise, and then loud arguments, fights (verbal), and even slander. Finally the day came to gather together and make decisions as to what the group was going to do. We took a day to pray and really seek God on what He wanted. When we were gathered at the end of the day, each reported having a vision from God. Turns out, each adult had received the same vision in various ways. This really was totally amazing considering the differences in each of us. We all recognized that only God could have done something like that. 
But, you know… it was already to late for that group. We all split up and went our separate ways. But I remember that day so well. This was my first assignment and I felt like I was failing Him, letting Him down. But I also remember my BIG God who was able to get a single vision across to a small group of believers. My heart burned passionately for unity and knew He was showing us all that if we 
could be patient and faithful, He would bring us together and set our steps right. Victory was waiting.

And now, years later, I thank Him for all the effort and faithfulness He showed. It must have broken His heart to see the group break up and go separate ways.

Never give up on Him, He never gives up on us.


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Our Words

Words are governed by spiritual law and become spiritual forces
Therefore, even the words of our prayers should be
chosen carefully and spoken accurately.
Unknown Author

The Lord stirs me up…

Job 33:3-4

My words shall express the uprightness of my heart, and my lips shall speak what they know with utter sincerity.

[It is] the Spirit of God that made me [which has stirred me up], and the breath of the Almighty that gives me life [which inspires me].
Early in my first steps of really walking with the Lord, this verse became very important to me. I was under a strong spiritual attack and my motives were being challenged fiercely. The assault’s intent was to make me doubt my devotion to God. I had just begun hearing the voice of God and my love for Him had increased abundantly. These were the early days when I had just realized how real God is. I mean, when someone hears God speak to them for the first time, just leave them alone for awhile because they’ve just stepped into the biggest change they will ever have in their lives.
WONDERFUL. But the devil sent someone to try to upset my life and stop me. As I said, my motives were challenged. In answer to this attack, the Lord gave me this verse in the amplified version. It meant the world to me, and still does today. 🙂


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Hagin:. The Ministry of Jesus Christ

The Ministry o f Jesus Christ

Kenneth Hagin

When you  discuss  the  earthly ministry of  the  Lord Jesus Christ,  most  people  immediately respond,  “Well,  yes,  but  He was the Son of God.” And, of course, He was.But what they fail to realize is that  He as the Son o f  God was  one  thing  and He  as  a  person  ministering  was  another  thing. He did not minister as the Son o f  God—He ministered as  a mere man anointed by the Holy Spirit.
If  people  would  just  stop  and  think  for  a  moment,  they would see this  in the passage of  Scripture  we have just  been studying in Luke 4.He was in His hometown of Nazareth on the sabbath day, went to the synagogue, and was given the scroll of Isaiah to read from.  He read the passage we just  studied:  “The Spirit  o f  the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me. . . .  ” After He had  finished  reading,  Jesus  handed  the  scroll  back  to  the minister, sat down, and began to teach the people.He said,  “THIS DAY is this scripture fulfilled in your ears”  (v. 21).If  Jesus  had  been  ministering  as  the  Son  o f  God,  He wouldn’t  have  needed  to  be  anointed.  Or,  if  He  had  been ministering  as  God manifested  in the  flesh,  would  God have needed to be anointed?  Who is going to anoint God?
In Philippians 2:7,  it says that  Jesus  “made himself  o f  no reputation, and took upon him the form o f  a servant, and was  made in the likeness  o f  men.  ” The King James Version  is a little  unclear  here.  Other  translations  say  He  “laid  aside”  or “stripped Himself” of  “His mighty power  and glory” when He came into this world, even though He was the Son of God.He came as a man.  How did He do it? I don’t  know.  The Bible says He did it, and I believe it!
As I’ve said many times, Jesus was just as much the Son of God when He was 21 years old as He was when He was 30 years old. He was just as much the Son of God when He was 25 as He was when He was 30. He was just as much the Son of God all  those years—25,  26, 27, 28, 29, wasn’t He? Yet in all of those years, He never healed a person or wrought a miracle!
How do we know this? Because the Bible says so. The Bible tells us that Jesus was anointed after He was baptized of John in Jordan,  and the Holy Spirit  came upon Him in a bodily shape like a dove (Luke 3:22). God spoke from heaven and said, “This  is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased” (Matt. 3:17).

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Osborne: confession defined

Christianity is called the “confession,” according to Hebrews, chapter three. The Greek word, which has been translated profession in the King James Version, is rendered “confession” in other cases; and the word profession in Hebrews 3:1 is “confession” or “acknowledgment” in the original.
The two words are closely related, yet the difference is important. The Greek word from which the word “confession” is translated actually means, “saying the same thing.” It means, “saying what God says.” It means to agree with God in your testimony: saying what God says in His word about your sins, your sicknesses, your apparent failures, your health, your salvation, your victories, or about anything else in your life. In other words, testify to – or acknowledge what God says. Confession in Trial For example: Sickness is pressing to overthrow your health. Symptoms of some disease are beginning to appear. Satan is desiring to destroy your health and to render your life ineffective in Christian service.
But God has made provision for your health. He has made a covenant of healing with you. He has promised, You shall serve the Lord your God, and (He) will take sickness away from the midst of you because He promised, I am the Lord who heals you. God’s word says He heals all your diseases.
Jesus Christ has redeemed you from your diseases, because Himself took your infirmities, and bore your sicknesses. Knowing all of this provides a basis for your faith. You know that Satan cannot lay a disease on your body, because Christ has already home your diseases for you.
Therefore, you resist Satan and his lying symptoms of disease. You do not fear them. You know that your redemption is a fact. You know that your diseases were laid on the body of Christ and that He has borne them for you. You have no fear. You boldly and firmly rebuke Satan, your adversary, with the word of God, in the name of Jesus Christ who died to set you free. You take a firm stand.