Kenyon: Laying your hands on loved ones.

Now you say with me, “Jesus declares that whatever I ask in His Name, He will give it to me; fearlessly I take my place. I lay my hands upon that loved one who is sick and say, In the Name of Jesus, Disease, leave this body; Demon, leave this body and go off into the abyss where you belong. Don’t you ever touch this loved one again.’ “Christ said to me that they who believe should lay hands on the sick, and they should recover. In my name they shall cast out demons.’ He said this to me. I accept it at its face value and I act upon it because He said it to me.”

The Force of Prayer

Author unknown:

The force of prayer is an important key…

Prayer releases an energy, no matter what cycles have already started, the Spirit absorbs the ole cycle and releases the new cycle…

He puts new yetzer and visions into us when he wants to change the future…
One christian with the right yetzer (what you see in your imagination) will cancel the yetzer of a thousand (ps 91)..

When we see, we speak about it
Phil 2.12,13

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