Provision for prophets

A W Pink

There in his lowly retreat the prophet was called upon to sojourn many days, yet not without a precious promise guaranteeing his sustenance: the supply of needed provision was Divinely assured him. The Lord would take care of His servant while hid from public view, and would daily feed him by His miracle-working power. Nevertheless, it was real testing of Elijah’s faith. Whoever heard of such instruments being employed—birds of prey bringing food in a time of famine! Could the ravens be depended upon? Was it not far likely that they would devour the food themselves than bring it to the prophet? Ah, his trust was not to be in the birds, but in the sure word of Him that cannot lie: “I have commanded the ravens.” It was the Creator and not the creature, the Lord Himself and not the instruments, Elijah’s heart was to be fixed upon. How blessed to be lifted above “circumstances” and in the inerrant promise of God have a sure proof of His care.

Bill Hamon: Specialty of Prophets

Hamon, Bill
— The specialty of prophets is their God-given ability to speak for God, not just teach and preach the Bible truths about God and His Son, Jesus Christ. They have the special calling to speak a “thus saith the Lord.” The prophet has rights and authority in his prophesying that others do not have, such as those with the gift of prophecy or those who
function on the saints’ level of prophetic ministry. Those who are truly commissioned prophets have the right to prophesy direction, correction, guidance and new revelation to a person, church or nation. Some are used to pronounce God’s judgments and reveal the calling and purposes of God to whomsoever God wants to speak. In fact, the prophets are to be God’s mouthpieces to speak whenever and wherever and to whomsoever God wants to personally express His thoughts, purposes and specific will Continue reading

Tozer:. Prophets once more

This generation has forgotten that the message does not clean up and shine the outside of a person; rather, it bores into the very heart and core of a person and radically changes that person from the inside. The time has come to hear once again the voice of God through His prophets. A prophet is not cultivated; a prophet is called and sent by God. One of my passions is to see God once again in the center of His church—to see Him honored and glorified in such a manner that it will push out all the things that are contrary to the holiness of God. O, God, God of the prophets of old, fall upon us in our utter weakness and radically transform Your Church today. In Jesus’ name. Amen.