The Strongman’s Gospel
Internet Mission Statement

A price has been paid. It was a large price and cries out for you and me. It is the precious blood of our Lord Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God who was crucified on the cross for our sins and transgressions that hindered us from full fellowship with our Heavenly Father. This blood is now on the Mercy Seat, on the altar of God in Heaven, as an atonement for us forever.

At first, it was only simple Wednesday Night Bible studies, then in 2004 Eagle Way Ministries was brought online to the internet. Over the past two years, there has been a lot of growth and adjusting. Like a huge ship being led by a gentle sail across the waters, Eagle Way Ministries has continued to slowly flow forward in the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Now, a greater wind of the Holy Spirit is beginning to pick up. Our ship is beginning to heave forward under this wonderful and powerful wind. A slight change of direction has come about. His Holy Spirit is ascending down upon us to guide us to the way He desires His ministry here to go.

Back in the year 2001, after a season of prayer and fasting, the Lord presented the doctrine for Ealge Way Ministries, “The Strongman’s Gospel.” This “doctrine,” is exemplified in the life of Jesus in the New Testament, and can be seen ‘in part’ in the life of John G. Lake.

Below is a quote from the book put out about John G. Lake by the Copelands. You find it in whole in the introduction. I have referenced this section to help explain the “Strongman’s Gospel.”


God’s Lightening Rod.

As a child, Lake had seen enough to know that he and his family needed a miracle. What he didn’t know was how to get one.

In the church where he grew up, miracles and supernatural healing never seemed much of an option. If anything, the church people who whom he looked for help spent a lot of time trying to convince him that God meant life’s traumas and tragedies for his good. Somehow, Lake could never quite see the good for all the suffering around him. Se he kept looking for his miracle.

At age 16, Lake moved with his family to the Untied States and settled in northern Michigan. It was there that he was saved as a result of the Salvation Army meeting and joined the Methodist Church. But still, sickness would not loosed its death grip on Lake and his family.

Finally, he could wait no longer-something had to be done. And it looked like it would be up to him to do it. He later wrote, “There was nobody to pray for me… As I sat alone, I said,

‘Lord, I am finished with the world and the flesh,
with the doctor and with the devil.
From today, I lean on the arm of God.’”

At that moment, there was no evident sign of healing or any other manifestation of God’s power in his body. Yet, one thing was certain, Lake had consecrated himself to God. And though it may not have looked like it on the outside, he knew on the inside that the disease was gone He was that determined.

But while the disease was gone, the struggle wasn’t over.

As Lake grew to be a young man, he suffered yet another ailment. Rheumatism was causing his legs to grow out of shape and distort his body.

Again, his church couldn’t offer him the results that he passionately sought. His paster told him, “Brother, you are glorifying God.” Other church people said, “Brother, be patient and endure it.” And for a while, Lake believed them – but he was still deformed. What Good News was there in that? Where was the powerful gospel that had been able to save him?

What Lake really wanted was another miracle. So again, his heart stretched toward God. As he did, a flash of truth pierced the deception of his mind, and in the light of God’s Word, Lake caught a glimpse of God’s will.

“I discovered that disease was not the will of God at all, but the will of the dirty, crooked-legged devil that wanted to make me like himself. I laid down everything and went to Chicago, to the only place I knew that a man could get healed. I went to John Alexander Dowie’s Divine Healing Home.”

There in Chicago, the power of God surged though Lake’s body and straightened his legs. Lake caught hold of the power of God and the fact that Christianity is “a strong man’s gospel.”

For the first time he saw how God wanted a race of people who are bold, strong, pure, good and blessed. He saw how the signs and wonders of the New Testament were meant for his day-and everyday.

John Lake left Chicago healed. He also left with a bold gospel that declared healing for everyone – even the unsaved and the unchurched. This was the gospel that sparked astounding passion and boldness in his soul.

Though Lake has been born a sickly child in the 19th century, he now stood boldly at the threshold of the 20th century as a lightening rod stretched between heaven and earth, just waiting to be struck by the very “lightening of God,” as he later called it. And with each release of God’s power that eventually charged his life, Lake in turn electrified the modern world. Time after time, he jolted Christians and non Christians alike by showing them the true heart and power of God.

End Quote ——–

Rising into a ‘strongman’s gospel’ does not happen over night. It begins with a yearning in our hearts for our Lord. It continues as we grow in understanding of what His will is, and then following in His steps. It is a progressive walk that is fueled by each individual’s own desire to reach higher and deeper into our relationship with our Heavenly Father and abide in Him deeper every day. We are not going to advocate that you leave your doctor behind, throw you pills away, and walk in a faith that does not spring up from within. This is something that must be between you and your Heavenly Father. This is also one reason that we must be able to hear Him, hear His voice directing us, growing us, and prompting us onward and closer to Him.

The Internet Ministry

Is the Internet a valid ministry? Can the Lord minister just as powerfully as He can locally in a community building or in a home group setting? Consider the example below:

Quote —-

One night, Lake’s phone rang – it was his mother. She was calling him to let him know that his sister was nearly dead, and that if he wanted to see her alive, he would have to hurry. When he arrived she was unconscious and had no pulse. Now what could he do? Lake wrestled deep within his soul.

Then it came to him.

He rushed a telegram to Dowie in Chicago. The message read, “My sister has apparently died, but my spirit will not let her go. I believe that if you will pray God will heal her.”

Dowie’s reply came: “Hold onto God. I am praying. She will live.” And she did. Within the hour, the whole family rejoiced – another Lake had been snatched from death.

Unquote —

Just as Dowie’s Ministry was able to reach beyond the distance through a telegram notice sent from miles away, so too can prayer offered over the Internet flow across the nations bringing salvation, healing, and deliverance from the oppression of the devil, if the Lord is with them. (Acts 10:38)

Expect the Power of God to change your life.