Show no Partiality

🦋 Do not show a man partiality just because he is poor…🦋

Ex 23:3

Today is…I have so many opportunity to be partial to the poor just because he is poor. I get to feeling sorry for a person that it can
be easy to overlook the “why” they are in that position. Since I screen for apartment applicants, I am able to see a person’s
background history. It’s not used to judge a person’s potential in life, but rather, it screens for qualifications to line in one of our units. There are basically two questions I have to answer before I go into smaller details:

1. Since I am commanded to be a good steward over the things God assigns me to, I have to ask if the person can afford the unit. I pretty much know how much it costs to maintain an average unit- if the person’s income is less than the basic cost- then the answer is that I can not rent to you. Continue reading “Show no Partiality”

Andrew Wommack:

Your life should be such a testimony that when people ask how you’re doing what you’re doing and why you’re so blessed, you should be able to say that there’s no explanation outside of God. If you can point to your great education, your charisma, or your ability, then you have missed God. If your life isn’t supernatural, it’s superficial.


Be Wise In What You Watch

Be wise in what you watch…

It’s so easy to turn on the television and get lost in somebody else’s thoughts and in somebody else’s life.  The television characters take our thoughts far away from our own daily activities. We no longer have to struggle to think right… we don’t have to think at all. 

Yet, One day we’re going to wake up and realize that…

Proverbs 24:33-34

A little extra sleep, a little more slumber,
a little folding of the hands to rest—
then poverty will pounce on you like a bandit;
scarcity will attack you like an armed robber.

Asking Questions at the Right Time

About asking questions.  

There is a good way and a bad way. This takes discernment. Discernment means slowing down and thinking about what and why you are going to ask something.  This is one of those things James is talking about being slow to speak and quick to hear. 

This ‘ask questions’ is part of my gift.  I saw it in action a lot in college. When a class went stagnant, and it was too quiet, and the professor became uncomfortable as if no one was paying attention, I often would ask one single question.  This timely question would prompt Continue reading “Asking Questions at the Right Time”

😁 Awakened Spirit

Smith Wigglesworth
We must live by our born again spirit, an awakened spirit ruled by the Holy Spirit, and not by our mind and emotions. But how do we do this?

As spiritual hunger grows, causing us to earnestly seek God in the Word and in prayer, our spirits break the shackles of the flesh and of the soul (the mind and emotions).

We begin to live with an awakened spirit that lays hold on all the “exceeding great and
precious promises” (2 Peter 1:4) of God. That, in turn, brings us into the realization of the power and authority that we actually have in Him. We begin to live on high!