🤐 Don’t Be Rude

Mind your manners.

If someone already has all the answers, they do not need yours.

Don’t start a conversation with someone that you know will not allow you to finish it. With some people, it is impossible to complete a sentence before you are interrupted. This is straining you. It is frustrating you. If you know a person habitually interrupts you and will not allow you to finish even answering a question that they ask you… Don’t go start a conversation with them.

If you are ask a question by a person like this, make your answer short and quick. Try to get the important information out and avoid all unnecessary extras. If this person listens to you and wants more information, they will ask.

And as I am now addressing people and telling them not to start unnecessary and unfruitful conversations, it’s also necessary that people who always interrupt need to be told not to interrupt, to mind their manners.

It is rude to interrupt somebody. Be patient. Let the Holy Spirit guide your conversation. Don’t be thinking about what you’re gonna say next when the person is talking to you.



Book Review

Book Review:
They Shall Expel Demons

Reason for writing: “First, some people are under demonic oppression who do not know how to get free and are enduring the various degrees of torment that demons inflict. In some cases, the mental, emotional and physical torment is as severe as that of people imprisoned and tortured in totalitarian prison camps or gulags. I sincerely believe that it is the purpose of Jesus, through the Gospel, to offer hope and release to such people.

Second, there are those who have been called to the ministry of the Gospel but who are sometimes confronted by people who need desperately to be delivered from demons. Yet nothing in their background or training has equipped them to provide the kind of help that is needed so urgently.”

Derek Prince: Must Cast Out Demons

Derek Prince: Let me say, as graciously as possible, that evangelism that does not include the casting out of demons is not New Testament evangelism. I will take this a step further and apply it to the ministry of praying for the sick. It is unscriptural to pray for the sick if one is not prepared also to cast out demons. Jesus did not separate one from the other.

Presidential Changes

I have enjoyed President Trump’s changes that he has made in America. I appreciate and respect the stand of boldness and strength that he has stood in representing our country as being strong.

I have not enjoyed listening to him talk, but I believe the Lord has guided him to accomplish things our country needed. And now, coming up soon, we will have a new President and it is our duty to pray for him also. Not only pray for him, but to have faith concerning him. Have faith in God who reserves the right to control the king.

Do not take chances with the anointing of God on your life to join the belching naysayers who criticize and belittle the president in office.

Be blessed… the Kingdom of God will never fall.

Peter Tan: Anointing Over the Internet

Anointing Transferred Over The Internet

Transference of anointing through modern satellites…
“Transference of anointing through modern satellites or via the
internet, wireless technologies, digital audio-video recordings, etc.
where millions can be healed at the same time by the same anointing
operating through one vessel, or a word of command given over
satellite could cast out millions of demons in many different nations.”
Peter Tan
The Anointing of the Holy Spirit