Lone rangers

The world, the spiritual conflicts, unseen control, if ignored … Will be the very the thing that destroys the things of God in or lives.

The critized “lone rangers” may possibly be the very vessels The Lord desires to use to bring His largest revival movement to come. Unlike movements before, where man has always stepped in and tried to exert their expertise in religious matters, these lone rangers are separated from the contagious and controlling diplomats of spiritual matters. They will show evidence of God being with them, of God trusting them, and do great exploits for the Kingdom of God.

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Kenneth E Hagin: The Beginning of a Ministry

Hagin:  The Ministry Gifts

The Beginning of a Ministry

When you’re first beginning in the ministry, you don’t start out on
top. Even in climbing a ladder, no one starts out on the top rung.
They start on the bottom rung and climb up . You have to do that in
ministry. And sometimes the first years of ministry are a great
sacrifice . But if you know the call is there, you will stay in there
no matter what it may cost you …

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Kenneth E Hagin


It is dangerous to feel obligated to perform .

1. Some people who have been called of God, anointed and equipped by Him to stand in a certain office, have thought, I’m obligated to perform .

So when the Holy Spirit is not in manifestation, they try to operate something themselves. THAT IS A DANGEROUS PLACE TO GET INTO .

If the manifestation is there, fine .

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Kenneth Copeland: Ministry, Six Steps to Excellence

Copeland, Kenneth
Six Steps to Excellence in the Ministry

“As ministers of the gospel, we are entrusted with God’s strength and might. We are therefore faced with two responsibilities:

(1) to develop and maintain excellence of ministry and

(2) to deal with Satan.

Excellence in ministry absolutely will not tolerate unbelief, failure or “taking the easy way out.” A ministry of excellence will pay whatever price it takes to get the job done God’s way. Our ministries represent Jesus Christ to the world. Ours is a sacred calling. It must be executed with dedication and integrity. We are expected to demonstrate absolute honesty and commitment. Without a firm decision to succeed with God’s help, we cannot hope to maintain the measure of maturity and perfection that our ministry must command.”


Six Steps to Excellence in Ministry

Kenneth Copeland
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Copeland, Kenneth. “Six Steps to Excellence in Ministry.” iBooks.
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