✍🏻 go back and pick up that pen!

She added: “The most important thing is that I didn’t want to set myself up for failure and be like, ‘Look at me!’ I wanted to write the book that I needed when I was suffering.”

Facebook quote.

ie… She wanted to write the book that she wished she had had when she was going through all the trials and tribulations… A book that would explain what was going on around her is normal, and she’s not crazy.

Once again I remember my vision of a girl sitting on the couch next to the doors that lead to the deck overlooking the valley… Many mornings were spent there praying, reading, and studying to gain information in order to share the information so that all could better understand the call on their lives. But, there were so many preventions and hindrances to writing the book that overtime she lost hope. She lost in the excitement of writing a book. The warfare was too overwhelming, and she’s been defeated too many times to really care about getting up and starting again. It was a sad adventure… watching a heart struggle. A heart struggling to live with the decision her mind made to quit. Her heart filled with the Holy Spirit calling and beckoning to write for that girl on the end of the couch.

Overcome the mind and overcome the flesh that tries to tell you that ‘you have been there … done that, and don’t want to fight that battle again.’

Who are you going to listen to?
Answer your call!


Lone rangers

The world, the spiritual conflicts, unseen control, if ignored … Will be the very the thing that destroys the things of God in or lives.

The critized “lone rangers” may possibly be the very vessels The Lord desires to use to bring His largest revival movement to come. Unlike movements before, where man has always stepped in and tried to exert their expertise in religious matters, these lone rangers are separated from the contagious and controlling diplomats of spiritual matters. They will show evidence of God being with them, of God trusting them, and do great exploits for the Kingdom of God.

~ ~ I Believe! ~ ~