The Lord is my all and all. If I stopped right there, I would have said enough, but the truth is, He deserves more of a testimony from me than that. My whole life is a testimony of His faithfulness and patience (smiles).

I was born again in Christ Jesus when I was in 8th grade. From then until I graduated in 1975, I was purely evangelistic and filled with zeal. After I graduated, I answered the call to preach the gospel. Until then, I had been Presbyterian, but our church brought in a guest speaker from the charismatic branch of Christianity. The visiting pastor discerned the Lord’s call on my life, and the presbytery of the church I was attending anointed me and sent me off to college for formal training in the ministry. This was in 1975. In 1976 I was baptized in the Holy Spirit while attending Montreat Anderson college in North Carolina. I was privilege to go to the conferences and hear the leaders speak and teach.

Montreat Anderson had a conference center where people like Kathryn Kuhlman, Bob Mumford, Richard Roberts, Jamie Buckingham, and many others were the guest speakers. The Lord had placed me in a very powerful place to be taught and mentored by The great leaders of the time. But, after an experience with the Holy Spirit that my mind did not understand, I became fearful of the power of God working through people and I left college.

Eventually, I joined a Baptist church and stayed away from anything charismatic or that involved the Holy Spirit’s gifts. I loved the Lord and spent a lot of time over the years seeking Him and studying His word, but I avoided anyone who claimed to hear the voice of God.
Through different events in my life, a holy desperation for the Lord to be strong and the leader of my life grew, and in 1991 I rededicated my life to Him and followed Him the best I knew how. I went back to college and graduated with my bachelors degree in 1995, and then proceeded to obtain my masters degree two years later.

In 1997, I fully dedicated my life fully to the Lord and begin again to seek out the Holy Spirit and his ways. It was March 2, 1998 that my life began a dramatic change and a new path in the Lord opened up for me. It is a joy to be called by Him to be His watchman and teacher.

As for my doctrine, I can best explain it as sharing with you those whom I would be most comfortable spending an afternoon with sipping coffee and chatting away about the things God is doing on earth. They would be Bobby Connor, known as a gentle giant and a prophet to the body of Christ, Rick Joyner, Kenneth Copeland, (who over the years has taught me about the Covenant), Mac Hammond, and many more.

The fellowshipping of the saints is a beautiful thing. I pray the Lord blesses your visit to this web site. I will make some recommendations of other sites that I believe will help you grow closer to our Heavenly Father.

Be Blessed
Stace IHS
(In His Service)