Tim Sheets: Angels

One aspect of my study kept coming to the forefront. Angels are needed beings. God didn’t make angels just to see what they would do. He didn’t make them to just wander around the universe. No—they have great purpose. A part of that purpose is to assist the ministry of the church and the saints. I began to see that if the Godhead used angels to assist their ministry, and we see that often in the Scriptures, why then wouldn’t we need them to assist us? They are very needed beings. It was God’s idea to have them assist us.

Angels: Keith Luker

Angels Have Been Manifesting In Every Meeting Since October

Keith and Sanna LukerThe Streak Begins…
The streak currently stands at 81 meetings straight since October where angels have been manifesting during worship and singing or playing instruments. What we used to experience once every two or three years is now happening in every single meeting.

Creative miracles have also begun to happen spontaneously during worship. A lady with a 20-year-old neck injury which caused spinal cord and nerve damage was healed in Lufkin, Texas, recently. The injury caused her to have extreme tunnel vision in her right eye; so much so, she could not even see the edge of her glasses. After worship, she got up and walked down the hall and was shocked by objects seeming to come toward her from the right side. Then she realized that her peripheral vision had been restored. Also, the skin on the right side of her body felt like it had a coating of wax over it before, and after worship, she began to touch her face and arms, realizing that normal sensitivity on her skin had been restored and the “coating of wax” was gone! Continue reading