Free Masons


Patricia King
Exposed: Witchcraft in the Church
When I visited England for my first time, back in the 90s, I discovered that many Freemasons were actually elders in a great number of churches across the United Kingdom. I then came to an understanding that this secret society is in almost every nation. Freemasonry is in fact a Luciferian cult, although most Freemasons do not realize this. They are initiated into each level through rituals where they actually pronounce curses on their lives and their family if they divulge the secrets of the society. In each initiation, they swear to more commitments and more curses. What most do not realize is that the enemy is taking their vows seriously even though they might not be. Evil spirits then take “legal license”[7] to control through them at the point of initiation. Most Freemasons simply believe it’s a brotherhood that will help them in their business affairs and other life matters while giving them the opportunity to work on diverse benevolent projects. They don’t realize they are becoming possessed and controlled by evil spirits that gradually deceive them in greater degrees of darkness. Because of their status in society, many Freemasons are elected onto church boards as directors, elders, or deacons, and the spirits in them influence decisions. Many government leaders, law enforcement and judicial leaders, and influential businessmen are connected to and influenced by this entity.