Kenyon: No favorites

All who receive His nature have come into the Family and are recognized as the sons and daughters of the great Father-God. Everyone has the same rights in the Family. Each one may have a different gift, but the gift does not make him any dearer to the heart of the Father. Everyone has the same love nature, the same great Holy Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead. Each one has a right to the same kind of fellowship with the Father. Each one has a right to the use of the Name of Jesus. Each one has a right to the authority invested in that Name to deliver people from the dominion of Satan, to heal the sick, and to cast out demons. The Father has no favorites.


A W Pink

It is not so much the amount of time we spend upon the Scriptures, as the measure in which we prayerfully meditate upon that which is immediately before us, that so largely determines the degree of benefit the soul receives therefrom. By passing too quickly from one verse to another, by failing to picture vividly before our minds the details before us, and by not taking pains to discover the practical lessons which may be drawn from historical events, we are greatly the losers. It is by putting ourselves in the position of the one we are reading about and thinking what we would most likely have done in such circumstances, that we receive the most help.


The Path: Overshadowed by the Evil Around Us

Rick Quotes Elijah:

I walked the earth during difficult and dark times. I walked with God and loved Him, but I let the evil of man overshadow the love I should have been growing in, for both God and people . I even delighted in calling fire down on people. It was necessary, but it was not necessary for me to enjoy it. I should have been weeping for them.

Joyner, Rick (2013-11-05). The Path

” I let the evil man overshadow love I should have been growing in…”

What a sad testimony, but what a human testimony it is. I personally find it very simple to get angry and bitter at the evil that I see around me. I do keep my eyes open to the promises and love of God and the goodness that he desires to share with us, but I constantly see evil abounding: like Jesus constantly being rejected, and the downright lack of use common sense. Continue reading

Show no Partiality

🦋 Do not show a man partiality just because he is poor…🦋

Ex 23:3

Today is…I have so many opportunity to be partial to the poor just because he is poor. I get to feeling sorry for a person that it can
be easy to overlook the “why” they are in that position. Since I screen for apartment applicants, I am able to see a person’s
background history. It’s not used to judge a person’s potential in life, but rather, it screens for qualifications to line in one of our units. There are basically two questions I have to answer before I go into smaller details:

1. Since I am commanded to be a good steward over the things God assigns me to, I have to ask if the person can afford the unit. I pretty much know how much it costs to maintain an average unit- if the person’s income is less than the basic cost- then the answer is that I can not rent to you. Continue reading

Andrew Wommack:

Your life should be such a testimony that when people ask how you’re doing what you’re doing and why you’re so blessed, you should be able to say that there’s no explanation outside of God. If you can point to your great education, your charisma, or your ability, then you have missed God. If your life isn’t supernatural, it’s superficial.