Roberts Liardon: They just want to help…???

Religious politicians also want to make you dependent upon their approval. They like to sit in the great judgment seat of ministries. After the service, they take you behind closed doors and say, ‘All right, we want to critique you. You shouldn’t use words like ‘sin’ or ‘repent. We’re old—we’ve been around a lot longer than youand we want to help you:’

25 Some will say, “I’m cautiously excited about your ministry.” Others will try the sly approach: “We just want to help you. If you’d come and sit under our ministry, wed help you be great:’ (They don’t have a ministry.) Others will flatter you and try to get you to agree with them against another minister. (That’s touching the anointing, Ps. 105:15.)

If young ministers don’t recognize these words from religious politicians as an attack of the devil, it may hold back or totally annihilate their ministry—because there is great power in words.