Journal: Who Wouldn’t want to escape…

I woke this morning with sort of a choppy attitude ready to snap back at anyone who wanted to call me an escapist because I believe in the rapture happening before tribulation.

Under my breath I sort of sacstically replied to the accusation with a ‘you bet, who in their right mind wouldn’t want to escape?’

After what I saw yesterday, where evil was called good, and good called evil, and with absolutely nothing I could do but watch, I am ready for Jesus to snatch us up as a body and take us away. This is not my home. this earth is under the guidance and influence of a killer, and it is rank! Stinks! It hurts the innocent and exalts the evil and prideful ones.

Oh, I am not dismayed and bent under it, just overwhelming sad sometimes, right up to the point of getting mad. But the anger of man does not bring forth the righteousness of God. So, all I can do is be ready in season and be encouraged at His words, “I am coming soon!”