Joyner: The Forge of Faith

Rick Joyner:

The Forge of Faith

Moses led Israel into the wilderness in order to convert their superstitions and shallow beliefs into a rock-solid faith. Your wilderness or the trials that you are enduring to test your faith are meant to accomplish the same for you. If you respond properly to your wilderness, it will turn mere emotional frivolity into a force! Embrace your difficulties as opportunities and you will get to your promised land. Let the difficulties discourage you and you will not realize your goal and purpose in the Lord…

… The most telltale symptom of surrender to slavery is grumbling and complaining. Those who complain have lost the faith and have already given up in their hearts. Those with true faith meet obstacles as an opportunity to win a greater victory and make a greater advance toward their goals. This is not merely blind optimism, which is just another form of intellectual assessment masquerading as true faith. Optimism will wither in the heat of the desert wilderness, but true faith becomes stronger and more determined as the heat is increased….