Father Knows Best

Our father God is something else isn’t He? I mean the way he does things is not always the way we think things should be done. Sometimes I think I could show him a simple away… But I always back down real quick when I get to thinking like that. Lol

I mean, seriously, how would you feel if you were Moses being chased by pharaoh’s army?

Think about it for moment, there Moses is in Egypt causing all kinds of problems to pharaoh and all the Egyptian people who call themselves masters. All those plagues and the tension as thick as mud. Talk about drama, with that many people Moses had more drama than you could shake a stick at.

And then finally Pharaoh let them go and they flee from Egypt to head out into the desert. But for this moment, they got it ‘made in the shade.’ They had a cloud to follow by day, and a fire to follow at night.

They were perfectly tucked in with the hands of God and put on the exact path that God wants them to be on for their travels. That means they’re in the perfect will of God.

So there they are camping down at the Red Sea and somebody runs up with some really bad news .. Pharaoh’s army is now chasing them and has them pinned up against the Red Sea.

Can you imagine Moses in heaven right now sharing this story with people who just arrived and wanna hear all about it?

“There I was all peaceful and everything, thinking, finally now I can get some rest. I didn’t have a clue as to what father God had planned for us, but I knew by looking we weren’t going to be crossing the Red Sea. Little did I know.. lol.”

My point is this… We’re human and we have feelings, we have plans on how things can be done, we like to see things done in a logical and orderly way to avoid confusion. Not many of us wake up in the morning and say ‘I think that I’m going to ask the Lord for a Red Sea so we can cross on dry ground.’ If we knew that was gonna happen, it might be one of those days that we want to sleep in and hope it goes away. But the Lord does not always tell us what we’re going to be doing today. That is the mighty awesomeness of Him.

There is nothing he can’t do, and today might be the day that he takes care of some of those problems that you’ve been having. It’s just that we need to be careful that we don’t close the doors on Him because He might do something spectacular that we’re not accustomed to and get all nervous about it. Still nonetheless, let’s keep building our trust in Him, let Him do what He needs to do, let Him take us where we need to go.

Father knows best!

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