Kenneth E Hagin: The Pastor

Kenneth Hagin: The pastor is involved in governments and helps. The pastor is head of the church. Christ is the Good Shepherd, the head of the body, the head of the whole church. (Pastor and shepherd mean the same thing.) The pastor of the local church and the local sheep is the undershepherd.

Just as government of your whole body emanates from your head, so the government of the local church heads up in the pastoral office. The government of the local church is not in the deacon. That’s the reason many Full Gospel churches are in trouble. They are losing their power and their anointing because, following other denominations, they allow men without the anointing and the call of God in their life run the church. And they are not equipped to do it. Deacons are placed in the church to serve and to help when they are called upon, not to provide spiritual leadership. This is the job of the pastor.

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Kenneth E Hagin: The Beginning of a Ministry

Hagin:  The Ministry Gifts

The Beginning of a Ministry

When you’re first beginning in the ministry, you don’t start out on
top. Even in climbing a ladder, no one starts out on the top rung.
They start on the bottom rung and climb up . You have to do that in
ministry. And sometimes the first years of ministry are a great
sacrifice . But if you know the call is there, you will stay in there
no matter what it may cost you …

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Kenneth E Hagin


It is dangerous to feel obligated to perform .

1. Some people who have been called of God, anointed and equipped by Him to stand in a certain office, have thought, I’m obligated to perform .

So when the Holy Spirit is not in manifestation, they try to operate something themselves. THAT IS A DANGEROUS PLACE TO GET INTO .

If the manifestation is there, fine .

If it is not – don’t try to produce it yourself. Continue reading