Liardon: Religious Politics

God hates politics! When you get to heaven, there is no voting. You flow in the Spirit and obey!

I once asked God, “What is religious politics, and how does one enter into it?” He answered, “The first time you voice an opinion about something that’s none of your business, you enter into the political arena. Even if it is your business, and you don’t express it correctly, you have entered into the religious political scene.” (In other words, if you don’t want to be political, keep your mouth shut!)

When I studied Church history for six years, I learned that those who were the quietest were the most powerful. People who always have an opinion about something usually are of the wrong spirit. (It’s called a busybody spirit!)

Liardon: Servants

God has no superstars; He only has servants. If a servant does his job, God will promote him. But no matter how great his name may become, a servant will still have power to meet the needs of the people and help them when they’re in trouble. That’s what God’s ministry gifts are for.

Dave Robertson: A Demonic Assignment Thwarted

A Demonic Assignment Thwarted

At the time of this service, my second oldest son was not living for the Lord. He was the last of my children to come into the fold. Of all my children, he was the roughest and had run away from the Lord the longest.
My son was living on the West Coast, and a few weeks earlier I had learned that he had been involved in a drug overdose situation in which he survived, but another boy died. After learning of this tragedy, I asked God to show me what took place in the Spirit when my son’s life was spared. As I prayed about it, I slipped over into the Spirit, and in a vision saw an angel. At first, I thought I was daydreaming!

In this vision, the Lord showed me an apartment that I assumed was my son’s. A drug party was in full swing, and my son was right in the middle of it. Standing in the room was a huge angel, probably seven to eight feet tall. The angel stood with his arms folded across his chest and his back turned away from my son, indicating his strong disagreement and disgust with the sinfulness taking place in the room.

Then I saw a demon come into the room, focusing on my son. Somehow I knew the demon had come to carry out a specific assignment of death against him. It seemed as if this demon had the legal right to come; my son had given him that right through his rebellion against God. As this demon advanced toward his young target, intent on his demonic mission, my son was completely oblivious to the unseen danger.
Then the angel, his arms still folded across his chest, turned slightly. With a stern look, he glared at the demon and vigorously shook his head no. The angel never even said a word, but the demon knew what he meant. The demon turned, moved away from my son, and then left the room without another moment’s hesitation. His mission had been thwarted by this angelic presence and authority!

Later my son told me that he and the other boy had taken an overdose of morphine that night at the party. The other boy went to sleep and never woke up again. But soon after swallowing the overdose of pills, my son had vomited them all up.

Kenyon: Revelation Knowledge

This is Revelation Knowledge. It brings us in contact with the Creator. It explains the “Why” of Creation, the Reason for Man, the Nature of Man, and the ultimate goal of Man. It deals with things that the Senses cannot discover or know without assistance from this Revelation Knowledge.

Kenyon: Sense Knowledge.

Our bodies have really been the laboratory in which the research work has steadily gone on through the ages. That knowledge is limited. It cannot find the human spirit. It cannot discover how the mind functions in the physical brain. It cannot find God, nor discover the origin of Matter, of Life, of Force, or of Creation. All that it can discover are things it can See, Hear, Taste, Smell, or Feel. We call it, “Sense Knowledge.”