❤️ Joining the Kingdom Family ❤️

First of all, everyone is invited. It does not matter what your life has been like up to this moment, Jesus wants you to become His. He wants you to join His family where He is your Lord and Master, but also your brother. You also gain a Father, and a Friend in the Holy Spirit.

Don’t try to go and make yourself all pretty for Him, just come as you are. Begin with baby steps to learn about Him and get to know Him. Don’t wait until you feel like your good enough to approach Him… that will never happen for any of us. That is why Jesus paid the price for our redeemption. We can never ‘messure up.” Just come as you are and trust Him to begin the good work in your life that He has always desired for you.

In John 10:10, Jesus said that He came to give us abundant life. An abundant life means a life of good health and good living. Abundant life usurps the death and dying mentality that the world has to offer.

I hope to be able to provide for you the appropriate information that will help you rise up seize the abundant life that Jesus promised us.

Some of the ministries that we agree with are Kenneth Copeland, Kris Vallotton, Bill Johnson, Joyce Meyer, Andrew Wommack, Keith Moore, Rick Joyner, Rick Renner… and many of those who have already gone home… like: Kenneth E Hagin, R T Kenyon, John G Lake, A B Simpson, George Mueller, and Derek Prince. This list is by no means complete. I just ran out of room. 🙂

I would like to extend an invitation to:

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. http://eaglesway.org/prophetscall/index.php