🤐 Don’t Be Rude

Mind your manners.

If someone already has all the answers, they do not need yours.

Don’t start a conversation with someone that you know will not allow you to finish it. With some people, it is impossible to complete a sentence before you are interrupted. This is straining you. It is frustrating you. If you know a person habitually interrupts you and will not allow you to finish even answering a question that they ask you… Don’t go start a conversation with them.

If you are ask a question by a person like this, make your answer short and quick. Try to get the important information out and avoid all unnecessary extras. If this person listens to you and wants more information, they will ask.

And as I am now addressing people and telling them not to start unnecessary and unfruitful conversations, it’s also necessary that people who always interrupt need to be told not to interrupt, to mind their manners.

It is rude to interrupt somebody. Be patient. Let the Holy Spirit guide your conversation. Don’t be thinking about what you’re gonna say next when the person is talking to you.