Heart Issues

I feel like it’s time to share a little bit about my health issue last October, 2019. It’s been a year almost, and I’m doing fine. And I owe everything to the Lord for saving my life.

In 2017, I started having bad cases of indigestion. It was like chest pains, but if I took the right medication the pain went away. I identified the cause of the indigestion as being how much and when I ate. I begin standing for my healing in March 2018.

There was one time when my chest was bothering me so bad that I almost called an ambulance… But I didn’t and the pain left and I was fine. I went to work the next day just fine.

By 2019, The chest pains that I was calling indigestion were coming more often. I would pray, put things into the Lords hands, and go on as soon as I could. Sometimes the pain would bend me over double. But I could always tell, by the presence of God, that he was taking the pain away. Sometimes during prayer, the pain would lift off of me like a fog or a mist was lifting. I was always so encouraged by that.

There were a lot of other times where the Lord really blessed me. Overtime I found out that when I eat lunch I should not go walking out in the hot sun for at least a couple hours after I eat. But being at work, there were times when I had to go out in the Park anyway. I would find that at those times, I suffered no pain at all. It was if the Lord was honoring the job and giving me the supernatural ability to do it. I can tell you I did not understand. Why didn’t He just tell me completely? I don’t know.

There were times when I needed to do something laborious , and the pains would hurt so much in my chest that I would have to sit down and pray. Every time I prayed, the pain would go away and I would rise again and do the task as if I was supernatural in my strength. Again I was very encouraged by all this.

But after a couple years of this, I have to say it became a little bit aggravating. I had learned a lot in the two years prior to October 2019, but I was ready for it to be over and I wanted to feel perfect. So one Saturday morning, a day I had planned full of things I need to get done, the chest pains came back early that morning. I got irritated and I went to the emergency room thinking they could give me some real medication that would stop the indigestion. I was wrong, they said I was having a teeny heart attack. I had never been to the hospital, ever. I hadn’t been to a doctor in over 30 years. These surroundings sort of blew my mind. I am grateful for Kay standing with me the whole way. She didn’t know how to understand anything either, but she kept telling me, “God’s got you.”

They ended up doing a quadruple bypass on me on Wednesday, and I was at home on Sunday. My healing was quick and I never took anything stronger than Tylenol. I went to work full time a month later. I took precautions and behaved myself, but I am amazed at His hand on me.

I do have to handle the doctors and honestly, the virus has shut down a lot of things the doctors would’ve wanted me to do. They could hardly comprehend someone who had not been to the doctor in 30 years and never had been in the hospital. I know they would’ve scheduled me for every single test if the virus had not hit and shut down a lot of those extra tests.

So anyway, I will be dealing with high blood pressure and the threatening thyroid issue when things get back to normal… If things ever get back to normal. I feel fine and I’m doing fine… I have a lot of energy and a lot of strength, and I take my little pills for my blood pressure and thyroid every day. I am standing in faith for my healing and the permission to throw away my pills.

I thoroughly believe in supernatural healing, and I believe in divine health. And I believe the Lord saved my life by keeping Me alive until I finally went to the doctor. One thing I forgot to share was the fact that when they tested my heart they found it all of my arteries were 95% or more clogged. So you can see what I mean when I say I owe my life to Him. And I have to say it’s important that you remember… If he will save me … then he will save you.