Socially Balanced?

I don’t understand. See, it goes like this: Mankind does not want to be told by anyone what they can or what they cannot do.

And as good as God is… Mankind always find something negative to say or think about Him. Even Christians, who want to give God a place in their lives, delegate where, and when, and how much He can take of their time. They call for a good “balance” and want to spread out their their lives, to cover a lot of things, not just church or God all the time. They call for a balanced socialization format with no extremes. That way they don’t seen as being a fanatic or a Jesus Freak or as raising some kind of unsociable and fanatical kids.

That one statement alone tells me that they have no idea of who or what they are talking about. That is just about equivalent to a husband saying he’s going to spend time with his beautiful wife, and also with his mistresses, just so that he remains balanced and doesn’t look like some kind of fanatical husband who is fully in love with his wife. The thinking is absurd.

It’s called spiritual adultery.

If you understand the Lord and who he is, you would understand that he would want you socialized in a “balanced” way. He would even bring the people into your lives that would help balance you. It would be blessing upon blessing. You would not consider yourself fanatical in your own eyes to your own hearts… No, rather you would see the blessing that He is giving you and would say “blessing upon blessing… I am blessed.”

But the ignorant one, the one who does not know God intimately nor His ways, even though they act like it, even though they might be saved, they drink their milk of social approval and gloat that they are able to remain balanced in a world that Would not recognize “balanced” if it tapped them on the shoulder.

When Jesus said for us to “come out” of them, and when he said that we should be “separated from them…” What do you think he meant?

What choice are we going to make during this time in our lives right now? It doesn’t matter what decisions that we have made in the past. We can make a brand new decision right now and yield to His way of doing things for our lives by allowing him to bring us good company that will help bring good character and fellowship into our lives.

Let Him choose your associates and let Hm choose how do you define “being balanced” for you … in a good way. Not a legalistic way, but a good way because he is kind, generous, merciful, and loves you and wants what is good for you. Why not step out, take a chance, and let Him do for you what He does for everyone that comes to Him fully without reservation and trusts Him.

Sj 🦋