Bill Hamon: Specialty of Prophets

Hamon, Bill
— The specialty of prophets is their God-given ability to speak for God, not just teach and preach the Bible truths about God and His Son, Jesus Christ. They have the special calling to speak a “thus saith the Lord.” The prophet has rights and authority in his prophesying that others do not have, such as those with the gift of prophecy or those who
function on the saints’ level of prophetic ministry. Those who are truly commissioned prophets have the right to prophesy direction, correction, guidance and new revelation to a person, church or nation. Some are used to pronounce God’s judgments and reveal the calling and purposes of God to whomsoever God wants to speak. In fact, the prophets are to be God’s mouthpieces to speak whenever and wherever and to whomsoever God wants to personally express His thoughts, purposes and specific will

— The conclusion is that the basic root meaning is “one sent as representative of another,” with the power and authority of the representative coming from the one who sent him. They are like ambassadors who represent a country. The continuing ministry of an apostle/ ambassador is based on how well he conveys the heart and message of the king.

— we find that apostles and prophets have the special ministry and commission of speaking directly from God. They speak His “rhema” word and REVELATIONS of the MYSTERIES OF CHRIST. They also reveal His will and purpose, which establishes the Church on God’s foundation and aligns the whole Church with Jesus Christ, the chief cornerstone of the building.

— The same study of pastors, evangelists and teachers reveals that they do not have the same type of commissioning and anointing that the apostles and prophets have. It shows that they have the anointing to teach the written Word of God [Logos] and proclaim the revelations that apostles and prophets have brought forth

— The pastor, evangelist and teacher are extensions of Jesus Christ, as are the apostles and prophets. The main difference is that the apostles and prophets have been given a unique anointing that carries with it a greater responsibility and accountability before God.

— Surely the Lord God does nothing, unless HE REVEALS HIS SECRET to His servants the PROPHETS (Amos 3:7, NKJV).

— How that by REVELATION He made known to me the MYSTERY (as I have briefly written already, by which, when you read, you may understand my knowledge in the MYSTERY OF CHRIST), which in other ages was not made known to the sons of men, as it has now BEEN REVEALED by the Spirit to His holy APOSTLES and PROPHETS (Eph. 3:3-5, NKJV).

— The Old Testament prophets were an extension and expression of the heart and mind of God. The New Testament prophets are an extension and expression of Jesus Christ, the Son of God who is the same as His Father. Jesus, the Son of God, and God the Father are not two separate Gods with different traits, attributes, attitudes and character. Jesus said that He and His Father are one, which means They are identical in every area of Their being.

— So why do some teachers declare that the New Testament prophets are different from the Old Testament prophets? The prophets are the same as the one eternal God whom they represent. Jesus was declared to be the Prophet of God; that is, the expression of the heart and mind of God. The prophet is one of the fivefold ministers who are an extension and expression of the heart and mind of Jesus Christ, who was God “manifest in the flesh” (1 Tim. 3:16).

“Rejoice over her, 0 heaven, and you HOLY APOSTLES and PROPHETS, for God has avenged you on her!” (Rev. 18:20,

… to respect and honor the pastoral headship of the local church. He is the gatekeeper of that flock of sheep. The pastor has the responsibility before God as to what he does with that word. If he knows it is of God then he must get the wisdom of God concerning when, where and how to deliver that prophetic word to the church.

— ***Prophets help lay foundations in churches by prophetically clarifying their vision, giving prophetic direction and order for certain areas of the church, and revealing where they are in their journey of fulfilling God’s progressive purpose for their local church. Prophets can reveal what is going on in the demonic spirit realm concerning demons who have been assigned by the devil to stop and destroy that work of God. Prophets can supernaturally reveal and give clarity and application to what the leadership is sensing, as Prophet Daniel did for the king of Babylon and Joseph did for the Pharaoh of Egypt. I have given such words to hundreds of churches over the last decade.

— Many churches have been saved from splits and destruction when a prophet came in not knowing anything about the pastor or congregation and prophetically revealed what was going on in the spirit realm.

— It especially helps when the prophetic word can confirm that the pastor was not denominationally or self-appointed, but is God’s choice and is in that position and place by divine appointment.

— Some Specific Ministries of the End-Time Prophets and Apostles. As mentioned earlier, they will manifest all the miracles and judgment ministries of Moses and Elijah and the two prophetic witnesses in Revelation chapter 11. Ministering by their anointing and the leading of the Holy Spirit, they will pronounce judgments upon the opponents of Christ and His gospel, such as Paul did by proclaiming blindness upon Ely-mas, the sorcerer. They will prophesy great changes in nature and the nations. They will accurately predict earthquakes, tidal waves and other catastrophes of nature. These prophecies given in the time of Jesus Christ will come to pass exactly as predicted. They will cause the fear of Jehovah God to come upon the people, causing whole nations to turn to God.