Clifford Rice: Faith In Action

Faith in Action
Clifford Rice

When I first went into the Philippines and left Manila, I left the group of men I was with. One offered me a bottle of vitamins, another offered me a bottle of pills to put in the water, and several other varieties of things. I would have had a small bag full of bottles of things to take. I said to them, “Brethren, you’re going into areas that you might need them. You keep them. I preach the Word of Faith. I demonstrate the Word of Faith wherever I go. If I don’t have faith to take a drink of water when I’m thirsty, my gospel becomes incredible! Unless I can believe God for a drink of water, I can’t believe God for anything! I cannot attain the credibility that I desire with the people”

Now I’m talking about the regular drinking water that they drink. I’m not talking about going and drinking out of a frog pond or a cow track or something like that. Don’t misunderstand me. If the natives don’t drink it, don’t you drink it. Don’t you go playing some crazy idea that you have faith for something.

I admit ‑ I haven’t got faith for mosquitoes. I’ve got faith to raise the dead, I’ve got faith to pray for the blind and see them healed, I’ve got faith to pray for anything else and see them get well. But I’ll tell you I don’t have faith to keep those savage mosquitoes off of me!

There’s a little bug in the Philippines, and they’re in all of Africa and Aus­tralia. I call them a “flying denture”. They’re just teeth and wings, and they just gnaw you something savage. But I don’t have faith to keep them off of me, so I use repellant. I had a couple of guys go with me and they took the scripture in the ninety‑first Psalm that “He’ll keep you from the terror that flies by night.” I said, “Praise the Lord, brother, according to your faith let it be unto you.” Inside of twenty four hours, after having been bitten on every exposed piece of skin, they’re bumming me for my spray. Their faith wasn’t what they thought it was, you see. One thing a man must know. When you’re walking with God in strange areas, your faith must be something that is born by God from within, and not out of someone’s book on faith.

You must realize that you are in Christ and you are on God’s business. Therefore, you are protected with every protection that He can offer you. But, you must also realize that the devil’s out there to find any area that you’re weak in the faith. If you exercise faith where you don’t have any, you’re going to weaken that area where you should have some! Now that’s just a little thing to keep in mind.

If the devil can get you to fail in an area that you presumptuously decided, “I’m going to put my faith to work on this”, and you fail, and then you do it again in another area, you’re going to build a small, tiny seed of “failure syndrome” in you. Don’t do that. Don’t ever do that!

Recognize your own weaknesses. A good general knows his weaknesses as well as his strengths. He must understand his weaknesses as well as his strengths. I know my weaknesses, and I take steps to avoid those areas. Those areas wherein Satan might attack me, I take steps to avoid them. There are areas where I’m strong as a concrete pillar. In those areas, I don’t even concern myself with anything, I just go and I don’t worry about it.