📣 Declare this things over your Life

Declare things like this over yourself and others…

Lord, your kingdom come into my life,
Your way of doing things, come into my life
Your will, as you have decreed it in heaven,
(ps 139, Eph 2.10,)

Your kingdom come here,

your blessing be here,

your way of doing things, be here in my life,

Father, your will be done in my life today, right here,

tell me what to do,
show me what to do,
your plan for me will stand
I receive it and pull it down from heaven

Lord, in heaven, you have declared my family to be whole,

You have declared my life to be good, and well, and well pleasing to you

Lord, this is what you say about me in heaven,
your will be done for me,
but not my will, but your will for my life.

Give us what we need today, our sustenance

We do not live by our feelings, and our feelings do not get to tell us how we feel.

My flesh does not get to tell me how I feel. My feelings do not get to be hurt. I am told how to feel by the word of God.

Be determined. God makes things work for my good.❤️