🔷 Matthew Henry: Leaders

My brethren, be not many masters, James 3:1.

These words do not forbid doing what we can to direct and instruct others in the way of their duty or to reprove them in a Christian way for what is amiss but we must not affect to speak and act as those who are continually assuming the chair, we must not prescribe to one another, so as to make our own sentiments a standard by which to try all others,

because God gives various gifts to men, and expects from each according to that measure of light which he gives. “Therefore by not many masters” (or teachers, as some read it) “do not give yourselves the air of teachers, imposers, and judges, but rather speak with the humility and spirit of learners, do not censure one another, as if all must be brought to your standard.” Matthew Henry

Please… Let us heed this advice, and I know most people who read this post already heed these words. For the most part, it is the boastful and proud who walk up and try to tell us how to do this or that. It takes the Holy Spirit and His wisdom to know how and what to say in response to a long drawn out discertation of un-asked for advice. I would recommend and give my advice by saying to us all… Learn to hear the Lord’s voice and allow Him to advise us of what to do in each situation.

We have other ways of saying it… Unsolicited Advice is not welcome here! If I need your advice, I will ask for it! What’s that got to do with the price of wheat! And… Be slow to speak and quick to listen.

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