The Path: Overshadowed by the Evil Around Us

Rick Quotes Elijah:

I walked the earth during difficult and dark times. I walked with God and loved Him, but I let the evil of man overshadow the love I should have been growing in, for both God and people . I even delighted in calling fire down on people. It was necessary, but it was not necessary for me to enjoy it. I should have been weeping for them.

Joyner, Rick (2013-11-05). The Path

” I let the evil man overshadow love I should have been growing in…”

What a sad testimony, but what a human testimony it is. I personally find it very simple to get angry and bitter at the evil that I see around me. I do keep my eyes open to the promises and love of God and the goodness that he desires to share with us, but I constantly see evil abounding: like Jesus constantly being rejected, and the downright lack of use common sense.

There are many times when I feel like somebody else’s lack of common sense fringes upon my right to be blessed. A very simple example of that is when I have to stay available on a weekend when I should be able to go and come freely, but instead, I have to wait upon a tenant to come and pay when it is my day off. It is easy to tolerate this kind of situation once or twice, but on a constant basis, over and over, it really begins to get on your nerves. And then, once the employer steps in and puts a stop to this situation my telling me that I don’t have to take this rent after office hours anymore, it begins to give me great pleasure in turning someone away once I have closed up the office for the day. I found myself enjoying turning them away too much. 😞

It is necessary to enforce the rules, but it is also necessary to remain softhearted when approaching tenants who are breaking rules. I am sure we all have someplace in our life where we have had to go through the same process and force ourselves to stay soft and pliable in the Lords hands. And, it doesn’t happen just once, it happens over and over, so we have to exercise this discipline in our lives, in our vessels before the Lord, to be pure and heavenly minded towards all men at all times. I think that would come under the title of “long-suffering and patient.” You think so?

~ ~ I Believe! ~ ~