🦅 Consider the Rapture

It begins with the rapture.. an event that can happen at any moment. Considering this sudden and final event will snap you into the alert mode, and it also sifts out a lot of temporal thoughts and plans. If you know that any moment that the whole world will face a huge change, and if you know that each and every life from this point on will never be the same, it can make you a serious thinker really quick.

Imagine that tomorrow you will not be here on earth, but instead, you will be in heaven… where is your family? your friends? Are they with you or did they get left behind? Do you have a ministry you are called to and have not fulfilled your task?

Deeply considering the Rapture is a very sobering thing to do. Let the Lord stir you deep within your heart. Let Him help you adjust your priorities.

Prepare now because there are many calling for the Lord Jesus to come…

Come Jesus Come