Show no Partiality

🦋 Do not show a man partiality just because he is poor…🦋

Ex 23:3

Today is…I have so many opportunity to be partial to the poor just because he is poor. I get to feeling sorry for a person that it can
be easy to overlook the “why” they are in that position. Since I screen for apartment applicants, I am able to see a person’s
background history. It’s not used to judge a person’s potential in life, but rather, it screens for qualifications to line in one of our units. There are basically two questions I have to answer before I go into smaller details:

1. Since I am commanded to be a good steward over the things God assigns me to, I have to ask if the person can afford the unit. I pretty much know how much it costs to maintain an average unit- if the person’s income is less than the basic cost- then the answer is that I can not rent to you.

2. Is the person applying for occupancy a good fit for the surrounding neighbors? I can’t put a punk rocker in the middle of elderly people who go to bed early and expect the units to run smoothly. I have to be wise about this.

With just these two criteria, I still get tempted sometimes to make judgments based on my emotions and a person’s dire circumstances. And I do mean ”dire circumstances.”

There are people who have lost their homes, people who are in a divorce, people with children who are living in their car, and the examples go on and on. These are always people without money and without the means to pay the rent. And, sad to say, many will lie about their income. They promise they can pay. When I have fallen for their lies, I’ve
always gotten burned and someone suffers… be it their neighbors who now have a tenant living next to them who will lie to their face, or a new maintenance issues that needed to be handled but will have to wait six months because of a loss of income. 

Anyway you look at it- giving special attention and breaking the simple established rules just based on human compassion always brings Unnecessary trouble.

Exodus 23:3 AMP
[3] Neither shall you be partial to a poor man in his trial just because he is poor.

“When justice is at stake, neither wealth nor poverty must be favored. Impartial justice must be given… Dake Note


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