Spiritual Warfare. God is faithful

I have a sad story to share, but because it honors God and His efforts to unify His children, I am going to share and ask you to celebrate our Lord’s faithfulness.

I belonged to a small house group church. All adults were committed to answering the Lord’s call on their lives, and we knelt before Him in prayer to make this commitment. Things were exciting at first, but in time, since no great out pouring happened, some became restless and were being pulled towards personal agenda.

One of the early decisions we all agreed on was that we understood that God would confirm His word. So every decision we made was based on agreement and confirmation. I could not tell you then how young we were in the Lord, but as I look back now, I can tell you that even though some of us had been saved for many years- we were just babies. We were no where near being ready to handle an outpouring of His Holy Spirit.

In time, we all began to hear different things from the Lord. One said the Lord was saying “go south.’  Another said, ‘No, got to go West.’  Some said, ‘stay and wait.’ It became a mess.

Then the accusations begin to arise, and then loud arguments, fights (verbal), and even slander. Finally the day came to gather together and make decisions as to what the group was going to do. We took a day to pray and really seek God on what He wanted. When we were gathered at the end of the day, each reported having a vision from God. Turns out, each adult had received the same vision in various ways. This really was totally amazing considering the differences in each of us. We all recognized that only God could have done something like that. 
But, you know… it was already to late for that group. We all split up and went our separate ways. But I remember that day so well. This was my first assignment and I felt like I was failing Him, letting Him down. But I also remember my BIG God who was able to get a single vision across to a small group of believers. My heart burned passionately for unity and knew He was showing us all that if we 
could be patient and faithful, He would bring us together and set our steps right. Victory was waiting.

And now, years later, I thank Him for all the effort and faithfulness He showed. It must have broken His heart to see the group break up and go separate ways.

Never give up on Him, He never gives up on us.


══ღೋƸ̵̡ Jesus Is Coming Soon Ʒღೋ══