Joseph prince: aging

The Lord supper
Bringing judgment upon yourself
Joseph Prince

The Greek word for judgement means “divine sentence. “When Adam sinned against God, a divine sentence fell on the human race. Weakness, sickness and death are some of the effects of that divine sentence.

  As long as we are here on earth, our bodies are subject to the aging process, which is part of the divine sentence. All our bodies are decaying every day. Our brain cells are dying daily.

The holy Communion is God’s solution for us to offset the decay. And even your friends will see the results. We will begin to ask you, “hey, why do you seem to look so much younger and younger? You never seem to age. “

One day, when we get to heaven, we will have brand-new bodies the never grows old, and never tires, and never looks bad. Meantime the Lord supper is how God helps us offset this process of aging and walk in divine health. Every time you partake, you are reversing the effects of the curse or divine judgment in your body.