Information versus revelation…

Information versus revelation…

I was listening to George and Gloria on the Kenneth Copeland Victory broadcast this morning for my morning devotions. They were talking about Luke chapter 5 where Jesus told Peter to go out deeper and then cast the net out again on the other side of the boat. Peter explained to Jesus that he had been fishing all night, but said, “according to your word… I will do it again.” (I paraphrased that statement.)

George and Gloria talked about Peter being an experienced fishermen. Peter had been fishing for a while and it seems he had a family business because his father is mentioned in another Scripture.   So, Peter had all the information he needed about fishing.

This is like you and I with the things that we know about. Perhaps it is our businesses, our bank accounts, our families, or how a  car runs. There are many thing that we do all the time that we are experts at. This is information.

Then Jesus told him to go and do something contrary to the information and experience that he’d had.

This has kept me pondering about it off and on all day today. I love it. It’s right up there with paying your taxes with the coin you were told you’d find in the mouth of a fish.   So, when we are gathering information we need to make a decision, let’s make sure that we do not rule out the supernatural.

If the Lord wants to tell us to go fishing in order to pay for everything, then okay, let’s go.   Let’s just obey.

There is one more thing I find very interesting.  When they caught all the fish, they were able to supply their families with food and enough fish to sell at the market for an income.

So, Jesus showed them where to fish, and then called them to become fishermen of men. But first, Jesus made sure that the families were taken care of… Pretty cool huh?