Fight fear by hearing His voice…

Earthquakes and God’s Voice
Charisma Magazine published an article about the recent earth quakes in California. No doubt there are reported increases in the number of earthquakes, as well as other natural weather related events, and I think most Christians agree that the increases will continue.
But, aside from the media reports, there are individual human reactions involved. Some are traumatizing. It is natural to be unsettled when a tornado is tearing up the house above your head as you sit huddled in a basement corner … praying.
Going through the west wall of a category 2 hurricane having the reputation of destroying homes is frightening also.
Living hour after hour in sub-zero temps where you are rightfully concerned about losing your electric and heat can tighten every nerve in your body as you huddle to stay warm and fight the fear that the next flicker of lights might be the last electrical surge before all systems shut down. Then what? (Blessed are those with fireplaces).
And the earthquake is just as tormenting.
Charisma Magazine reported:
“I was actually awake putting my shoes on for work. It felt like a truck hit my house from the back which pushed me against the staircase railing, the walls were cracking and threw my cell phone and keys down the stairs. Pretty scary.”
And he reported that this was only a tremor.
Earthquakes shake the unshakeable. In our minds, nothing is suppose to move the earth. The stable ground under our feet presents the illusion that after each storm, there comes a day when it’s over, but when an earthquake shakes the ground and nothing can stop it, a sudden sense of insecurity in the things around us rushes in. We feel a loss of control, helpless and unprotected.
A trite answer comes from many sources that Jesus is the answer. That He will take care of us. But, it sounds so trite, so familiar that the power of the statement is lost to seeming cheap chit-chat and Christian propaganda… unless you really know Him.
I’ve experienced earthquakes, forest fires, hurricanes, and blizzards, and I can tell you that there is a real Jesus and He really does take care of his own (and our loved ones). But I can also tell you my relationship with Him does not consist of once a week Sunday meeting or an occasional pot luck dinner. It consists of rising every morning to seek Him out, of being grateful to commit each step into His care knowing fear would overwhelm me if I did not know He was watching over me. It consists of seeking His answers on issues until I am confident I am making the right move. It consists in my seeking and His being found. And the foundation to all these ‘seekings’ is that I have heard the voice of the Lord for myself.
Nothing, nothing, can beat the power to change a life than to hear the Lord Jesus speak to you personally.
He said, “My sheep hear my voice and they follow me.”
Learn to Hear His voice! 🦋sj


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