Too much a Servant?

2 Corinthians 11:7
Have I committed a sin by degrading myself to dignify you? Was I wrong to preach the gospel of God to you free of charge?

Paul asks himself if he was too overprotective of his people. He tells them that he refused to be a burden to them and that he would continue to refuse to be a burden to them. We are talking financial in this situation, but it does not stop there.

And now as you read on, you find out where the people that he is talking to have less respect for him. They’re tolerating people to influence them that Paul would never tolerate. it makes me wonder if this is the type of situation where if you “compromise to keep something you actually lose it.”

Nonetheless, Paul says that he is going to continue doing the same thing. Perhaps he is going to continue to serve and leave the consequences of their actions to themselves. This is where it all ends anyway. Each ‘individual’ will face God for their own actions.

Let us find the Lord smiling at us, saying, ‘Well done my faithful servant and friend’.