They fight God

How long will the heathens rage against God? How long will they bicker and complain and think that their opinion is the solution to the world problems? How long do you really think the Lord God Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, will continue to allow his creation to spit in his face? … to deny him and yet at the same time fight against him and his way of doing things which always has been for our good?

I tell you how long… He will allow it until the time he has designated comes. It is much longer than we would want, because we are in a hurry for righteousness and justice. It is good that we call for righteousness and justice, for our God is righteous and He is just, but he’s also very merciful and not wanting that any should perish.

Nonetheless, there will be many perish because they reject him. Our task is to advance the kingdom of God in the places and opportunities he has set us to be at.

We are to work while there’s an opportunity, because there comes a day soon when there will be no more time and the final end will come. We Christians will celebrate the rapture, but multitudes will be left behind.