Yes, I Believe

19 years ago, I was on duty for a contract security company pulling a night shift where everything was quiet and wonderful. I loved this work because when the world went to bed, I went outside into the night where I could spend hours with the Lord.

One night I was listening to a song that had the words “I believe” in the chorus. I was outside listening to this song and singing with it when I heard a voice from behind me join in singing. It was a sweet male’s voice, beautiful. I knew it was Jesus singing with me. This was a very special moment.

Yesterday morning, I remembered this event and wished I could remember what the song was. I had no clue as there are many songs with “I believe” in it, so I just dismissed the thought. But today I remembered it again. During devotions, I asked the Lord, “I don’t have a clue what that song is and it would take You to be able to show it to me, but I sure would like to find it Lord.” I decided to look it up on YouTube… Just the words “I believe.” I thought even by the process of elimination I might stumble upon it… Maybe. But I also thought that song might belong to someone that had sent me a copy of their own album, so therefore it would not be on YouTube at all. But I wanted to try. I opened up YouTube and started to type in “I believe” but I heard the word “yes…” So I typed in ‘yes, I believe.’ And the first thing that popped up was Point of Grace’s “Yes, I believe.” I punched play … I waited anxiously for the first notes to tell me if this was a song… yay God… It was the same song that we had sang together 19 years ago.

The way the Lord gave me this song and how He answered my prayer means a lot to me. And I just want to share it to let you know and remind you that He hears those things in our heart. Even the little bitty things. I was really blessed today.