Peter Wagner shares what a “confirmation” looks like…

Bro Wagner heard a prophetic word and sent it to his intercessor for testing.

Peter Wagner shared:

“When I sent that word out, the intercessors broke all previous records in responding not only with rapidity but with enthusiastic affirmation. They left no room for saying, “Thanks, but no thanks!”

For example, this is what Alice Smith, our I-1 intercessor at the time, wrote:

I feel the glory of the Lord around AD2000. It’s not like anything else I’ve ever felt. When I pray for it, the Lord descends on me big time! Whatever this movement is, get on it. I don’t really understand what it is all about, and maybe that’s good. Even though I don’t know much about it, I know you should be in on it. God comes so powerfully every time I mention it! This is a God-ordained program! It is where God is moving right now!”

My question is: When is the last time you noticed God coming so powerfully? 🦋