Kenneth E Hagin


It is dangerous to feel obligated to perform .

1. Some people who have been called of God, anointed and equipped by Him to stand in a certain office, have thought, I’m obligated to perform .

So when the Holy Spirit is not in manifestation, they try to operate something themselves. THAT IS A DANGEROUS PLACE TO GET INTO .

If the manifestation is there, fine .

If it is not – don’t try to produce it yourself.

2. God sent me to speak to one particular minister on two occasions . The Lord told me to tell him, “If the manifestation is there, fine. If it is not, go ahead and preach and forget it.”

The Lord told me to tell him, “If you don’t, you’re going to wind up on the spiri- tual junk heap .” I’m sorry to say he did . He wouldn’t listen . He told me, “I feel like I’m obligated to perform .” I said, “Well, if you’re performing, you missed it to begin with .”

I was 36 at the time . I went from there to Scranton, Pennsylvania, and then to New Jersey for a two-week meeting with Brother A . A. Swift, a great man of God, then 72 .

I told Brother Swift what the Lord told me to tell the other minister. Brother

Swift said, “The word of knowledge operates through him . I recognize it . But I spent a long time in China and became acquainted with occult powers .” He said, “What some of the brethren don’t realize is that if the Spirit of God is not in manifestation and you move out in that area and try to do something in the flesh, you are throwing yourself wide open for deception by occult powers . This is because, you see, you have left the Word .”