Kenneth E Hagin: The Beginning of a Ministry

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The Beginning of a Ministry

When you’re first beginning in the ministry, you don’t start out on
top. Even in climbing a ladder, no one starts out on the top rung.
They start on the bottom rung and climb up . You have to do that in
ministry. And sometimes the first years of ministry are a great
sacrifice . But if you know the call is there, you will stay in there
no matter what it may cost you …

You have to make this kind of a
consecration to God : Go under or over, sink or swim, live or die, I’m
staying with it because God called me . Because you are going out by
faith, you know it’s not going to wind up that way- but it will look
that way sometimes . It will look as if you are going to do all of
them – go under, sink, and die . But if you will stay faithful at
those times when it looks as if you’re going under, when it looks as
if you’re sinking, when it looks as if you’re dying -YOU WILL GO OVER


Many years ago a man and his wife and two small children
went on the foreign mission field. They were Full Gospel missionaries
before there were any organized Full Gospel churches . He told me that
the first six months it looked as though he and his wife and both
children were going to starve to death. “It would have been easy to
come home,” he said . “But we stayed put because we knew God had
called us. And we knew what God’s Word said . I made this dedication
to God. `We will stay with it even if all four of us die.”‘ They
didn’t die . Before the year was out they were flourishing financially. But if they had not been faithful, it would not have happened . Had
they fussed and complained and said, “I don’t know why this happened
to us. If God called us, why doesn’t He provide for us?” God would not have been able to do what He wanted to do for them, and they would have been
failures .


How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!
… to guide our feet in the way of peace.