Kenneth Copeland: Ministry, Six Steps to Excellence

Copeland, Kenneth
Six Steps to Excellence in the Ministry

“As ministers of the gospel, we are entrusted with God’s strength and might. We are therefore faced with two responsibilities:

(1) to develop and maintain excellence of ministry and

(2) to deal with Satan.

Excellence in ministry absolutely will not tolerate unbelief, failure or “taking the easy way out.” A ministry of excellence will pay whatever price it takes to get the job done God’s way. Our ministries represent Jesus Christ to the world. Ours is a sacred calling. It must be executed with dedication and integrity. We are expected to demonstrate absolute honesty and commitment. Without a firm decision to succeed with God’s help, we cannot hope to maintain the measure of maturity and perfection that our ministry must command.”


Six Steps to Excellence in Ministry

Kenneth Copeland
Category: Christianity
Copeland, Kenneth. “Six Steps to Excellence in Ministry.” iBooks.
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