Asking Questions at the Right Time

About asking questions.  

There is a good way and a bad way. This takes discernment. Discernment means slowing down and thinking about what and why you are going to ask something.  This is one of those things James is talking about being slow to speak and quick to hear. 

This ‘ask questions’ is part of my gift.  I saw it in action a lot in college. When a class went stagnant, and it was too quiet, and the professor became uncomfortable as if no one was paying attention, I often would ask one single question.  This timely question would prompt

life into the classroom again. The professor could answer my question, and then his answer prompted other students to ask deeper questions.  It was a God thing.  This is an example of a good way of asking a question.  One thing about this type of question. It did not come by the spirit of obligation. It came through the spirit of compassion.  Everyone was edified. The teacher was edified, the students and myself also.  

An example of a bad question.  When you are in a setting that you feel you must remain in and begin to feel an obligation to say something, like an icebreaker of the silence, this pressure comes by a wrong spirit.  The key word is obligation or feeling pressured to say something.  

Asking simple questions can boost another person’s ego or show that you are interested in them and what they are all about.  

Asking questions can be a blessing or can be your curse.  Be wise. 

~ ~ I Believe! ~ ~