Few Are Chosen

Matthew 22:14

Many are called, few are chosen…

That lady got up in my face big-time. She proceeded to tell me that I thought too much of myself, and that everyone had the same level of authority and the same call and the same commission as anybody else.

I tried to tell her that everybody has the equal opportunity, but not every body exercises their opportunity.

God is the Captain of the Army of hosts. He is perfect in his strategies, and he is a perfect father who loves everyone of his children. But … He is not going to send a stubborn headed, prideful, and disobedient Christian to lead a spiritual warfare group.

And in all that, who is it that yells the loudest? Who is it that throws a fit and yells that we’re all equal in the Lords eyes? Well, if they’re throwing a fit and yelling about it, chances are they are someone who hasn’t yielded to the Lord enough to be used by the Lord.

If you desire to be an apple of His eye, your going to have to spend face time with Him.