Angels: Keith Luker

Angels Have Been Manifesting In Every Meeting Since October

Keith and Sanna LukerThe Streak Begins…
The streak currently stands at 81 meetings straight since October where angels have been manifesting during worship and singing or playing instruments. What we used to experience once every two or three years is now happening in every single meeting.

Creative miracles have also begun to happen spontaneously during worship. A lady with a 20-year-old neck injury which caused spinal cord and nerve damage was healed in Lufkin, Texas, recently. The injury caused her to have extreme tunnel vision in her right eye; so much so, she could not even see the edge of her glasses. After worship, she got up and walked down the hall and was shocked by objects seeming to come toward her from the right side. Then she realized that her peripheral vision had been restored. Also, the skin on the right side of her body felt like it had a coating of wax over it before, and after worship, she began to touch her face and arms, realizing that normal sensitivity on her skin had been restored and the “coating of wax” was gone!

The angelic music being played and sung during worship has been spectacular. The streak began in a home group in Redding, California in October, as I led worship with just my guitar and voice. I noticed that I heard other instruments during worship and so I asked the 10 people there if they heard anything. They said, “Yes, we heard other instruments being played so distinctly, we thought it was a backing track of music with a full band you were playing along with!”

In Vacaville, California, I was leading worship for the Healing Rooms at The Mission, and two women approached me after the service where I was leading with just my guitar and voice and they said, “We distinctly heard a flute, an oboe, and a French horn!”

In Russellville, Arkansas, a man came up to me after the worship and said, “I don’t know what you were doing up there, but all I could hear were 1,000 voices singing! It drowned out the music you were playing!”
I think it is interesting that this unbroken streak of angelic musicianship commenced about the same time the glory cloud began to appear again at Bethel Church in Redding, California. God is up to something big, and I am very excited about it. I had a vision in 1992 where the Holy Spirit was giving the words and the music spontaneously, and the cloud of God’s glory began to appear, and miracles began to spontaneously happen during the worship. Over 20 years, we have only touched that realm a few times, and now it is every single meeting!

Portals of Supernatural Worship
Whenever angels gather, God is manifesting His glory and the heavenly realm for a reason. Since angels are servants of God, sent by Him to minister to the saints, it is always a good sign when they manifest on earth. Our daily prayer is, “Your Kingdom come! Right here, right now, on earth as it is in Heaven! Let what is happening in Heaven happen on earth right now!” The heavenly worship scene of Revelation is happening on earth as the cosmic chorus joins the earthly worshipers and supernatural prophetic worship is charged with the electricity of Heaven! “Each one had a harp and they were holding golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints. And they sang a new song…” (Revelation 5:8-9).

I believe there are portals of supernatural worship opening up all over the earth like Jacob’s ladder. Angels are ascending and descending on the worship of the saints on the earth and bringing miracles from Heaven to people during our corporate worship services. Holy Spirit is changing the way we do things down here so that we can experience more of His presence and power as we yield to the “new song” and the two-way conversation with God in worship that is increasing in gatherings all over the world.

This is a grand opportunity to experience Heaven on earth, and the doors and windows of the supernatural realm are open to us! The Lord showed me a window that was open right now that is very much like the window during the mid-1990s where many of us came into a greater fullness of God’s presence and power. He said the window was much bigger this time in order that even more people on the earth can experience His goodness and love.
Revival is in the air again! What will you do to host Him?

Keith Luker
Keith and Sanna Luker Worship

Keith Luker is a revivalist with a guitar, leading prophetic worship and preaching with revival fire and miracles all across the globe. He is a presence-driven minister that loves people, and his heart’s desire is to light people up for the Kingdom everywhere he goes. He is ordained by Bill Johnson, a member of the Global Legacy (Bethel Church) and his spiritual papa is Jack Taylor. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area along with his very anointed wife, Sanna, and their three miracle children who they are raising in the presence of the Lord.