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It is not so much the amount of time we spend upon the Scriptures, as the measure in which we prayerfully meditate upon that which is immediately before us, that so largely determines the degree of benefit the soul receives therefrom. By passing too quickly from one verse to another, by failing to picture vividly before our minds the details before us, and by not taking pains to discover the practical lessons which may be drawn from historical events, we are greatly the losers. It is by putting ourselves in the position of the one we are reading about and thinking what we would most likely have done in such circumstances, that we receive the most help.

🙉 Be careful what you listen to…

Be careful what you listen to…
Kenneth Hagin

“I don’t listen too much because I don’t want to get contaminated “

Kenneth Hagin tells of a church that had a song leader who’s favorite song was one that spoke of how pitiful they were and was full of unbelief. The minister told the song leader not to sing that song again. Ignoring the private request of the pastor, the song leader started leading the church through the song again.

The pastor stopped the song leader in mid songand created such an uproar that the church spit over the song. Half the members left and started their own church. They continued to sing their song of death and unbelief.

As a result, most everyone in that newly formed church became sickly. The enemy ravaged those who had embraced a song of death that denied the wonderful work that Jesus had done for them.

Jesus has made us Kings and priests, they sang traditional songs of doubt and unbelief. They were literally lifting up their voices to sing how they were those who have been overcome, when Jesus says we are overcomers.

We must be careful not to give honor to false humility and a poverty spirit. We are the sons and daughters of the Most High God. We must rise into our proper places.

Colossians 1:13
Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son:


The Path: Overshadowed by the Evil Around Us

Rick Quotes Elijah:

I walked the earth during difficult and dark times. I walked with God and loved Him, but I let the evil of man overshadow the love I should have been growing in, for both God and people . I even delighted in calling fire down on people. It was necessary, but it was not necessary for me to enjoy it. I should have been weeping for them.

Joyner, Rick (2013-11-05). The Path

” I let the evil man overshadow love I should have been growing in…”

What a sad testimony, but what a human testimony it is. I personally find it very simple to get angry and bitter at the evil that I see around me. I do keep my eyes open to the promises and love of God and the goodness that he desires to share with us, but I constantly see evil abounding: like Jesus constantly being rejected, and the downright lack of use common sense. Continue reading “👣”

☹️ Faith in the devil…

Faith in the devil

Right now, some Christians are almost ready to say that they are done with sickness and disease. They are finished walking under the dominion (control) of the plans and schemes of the enemy for their lives and hereby declare their freedom and deliverance from the kingdom of darkness and translation into the Kingdom of God and His ways.

And, there will be some who will say to them, “You are asking for trouble. You will allow the enemy to see and target you. He’s going to mark you and take you out.” These are the ones that have more faith in the devil to take you out than God to keep you in.