Andrew Murray: Our Covenant

Our Covenant

by Andrew Murray

 “And I will be their God, and they shall be My people.” (Jer. 24:7)

Do not pass these words lightly. They express the very highest experience of the Covenant relationship. It is only when His people learn to love and obey His law, when their heart and life are together wholly devoted to Him and His will, that He can be to them the altogether inconceivable blessing which these words express, “I will be your God.” All I am and have as God shall be yours. All you can need or wish for in a God, I will be to you. In the fullest meaning of the word, I, the Omnipresent, will be ever present with you, in all My grace and love. I, the Almighty One, will each moment work all in you by My mighty power. I, the Thrice Holy One, will reveal My sanctifying life within You. I will be your God. And ye shall be My people, saved and blessed, ruled and guided and provided for by Me, known and seen to be indeed the people of the Holy One, the God of glory. Only let us give our hearts time to meditate and wait for the Holy Spirit to work in us all that these words mean. Continue reading

Author Unknown: Fighting For Lives


Father, I thank you that your word says that you are not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. 2 peter 3:9

So father, thank you that Jesus is the propitiation for all the sins of the world. 1 john 2:2

Than you Father that you have already made the payment. It’s done. It’s not you that we are waiting on But now, ___, for whatever reason , has not received what you have already done… (2 Cor 4:4)
So, In the name of Jesus I declare that “Satan your blindness, whatever you are doing to stop this person from receiving the gospel … I break your dominion, I enforce what Jesus has done. You are a defeated foe and in the name of Jesus I command this blindness to be gone now … in the name of Jesus.
Matthew 9:38

Father I release laborers right now. If this person is in a bar, this person is at work doing whatever … I believe that spirit filled believers are coming across their path right now.
John 14:26

Holy Spirit, I believe that you are bringing back to their remembrance truths that you have shared with them.

Tozer: Reverence

(I bought the book. 😁)

“The Church Fathers came into the presence of God with a sense of overwhelming reverence, which captivated them and brought them before God in holy silence. What has happened to reverence today? Where are those who get caught up in the spirit of reverence before their God? Where are those who have experienced the holy hush in the presence of God?”
The Dangers of a Shallow Faith by Tozer

Roberts Liardon: Non Praying People

People who don’t pray are not worth listening to. People who don’t pray wont make it. God is not looking for a politician; He’s looking for a prayerful soldier of the cross—someone who will “grab hold of the horns of the altar” and stay on his or her knees until heaven opens and the glory falls! We must have it!

Roberts Liardon: They just want to help…???

Religious politicians also want to make you dependent upon their approval. They like to sit in the great judgment seat of ministries. After the service, they take you behind closed doors and say, ‘All right, we want to critique you. You shouldn’t use words like ‘sin’ or ‘repent. We’re old—we’ve been around a lot longer than youand we want to help you:’

25 Some will say, “I’m cautiously excited about your ministry.” Others will try the sly approach: “We just want to help you. If you’d come and sit under our ministry, wed help you be great:’ (They don’t have a ministry.) Others will flatter you and try to get you to agree with them against another minister. (That’s touching the anointing, Ps. 105:15.)

If young ministers don’t recognize these words from religious politicians as an attack of the devil, it may hold back or totally annihilate their ministry—because there is great power in words.