Lone rangers

The world, the spiritual conflicts, unseen control, if ignored … Will be the very the thing that destroys the things of God in or lives.

The critized “lone rangers” may possibly be the very vessels The Lord desires to use to bring His largest revival movement to come. Unlike movements before, where man has always stepped in and tried to exert their expertise in religious matters, these lone rangers are separated from the contagious and controlling diplomats of spiritual matters. They will show evidence of God being with them, of God trusting them, and do great exploits for the Kingdom of God.

~ ~ I Believe! ~ ~

Tozer:. Prophets once more

This generation has forgotten that the message does not clean up and shine the outside of a person; rather, it bores into the very heart and core of a person and radically changes that person from the inside. The time has come to hear once again the voice of God through His prophets. A prophet is not cultivated; a prophet is called and sent by God. One of my passions is to see God once again in the center of His church—to see Him honored and glorified in such a manner that it will push out all the things that are contrary to the holiness of God. O, God, God of the prophets of old, fall upon us in our utter weakness and radically transform Your Church today. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

John Bevere: Heavenly Perspective

When you put a seed in the ground you do not see immediate results… Will you put the seed of God, the word, in your heart do your eyes… You don’t see immediate results… But it will bear fruit

He also talks about having a perspective in life based on eternity not the temporal every day and today. We are sojourners on this earth.

John Bervere

Show no Partiality

🦋 Do not show a man partiality just because he is poor…🦋

Ex 23:3

Today is…I have so many opportunity to be partial to the poor just because he is poor. I get to feeling sorry for a person that it can
be easy to overlook the “why” they are in that position. Since I screen for apartment applicants, I am able to see a person’s
background history. It’s not used to judge a person’s potential in life, but rather, it screens for qualifications to line in one of our units. There are basically two questions I have to answer before I go into smaller details:

1. Since I am commanded to be a good steward over the things God assigns me to, I have to ask if the person can afford the unit. I pretty much know how much it costs to maintain an average unit- if the person’s income is less than the basic cost- then the answer is that I can not rent to you. Continue reading “Show no Partiality”

Andrew Wommack:

Your life should be such a testimony that when people ask how you’re doing what you’re doing and why you’re so blessed, you should be able to say that there’s no explanation outside of God. If you can point to your great education, your charisma, or your ability, then you have missed God. If your life isn’t supernatural, it’s superficial.